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D.L. Mains, The Chosen OneReviews

"This is an Epic Novel and Fantastically written. If you Liked the Movie Independence Day or the War of the Worlds this book will suck you in and leave you wanting for more, I know it did that with me.

The Author writes vividly and takes you there with her, with the characters, with the Blood. I was in the battle Crouched behind a car, I could feel the bullets whiz by and saw the Knives being wielded. I felt the love and sorrows as characters became my friends and I didn’t want it to end, sadly as with all novels it did.

War of the Worlds has nothing on this Epic and I would strongly suggest it to anyone for reading. I have two hopes for this Novel. I hope to see sequels and I hope to see this one on the Big Screen one day as it deserves to be."

- Don Wheeler

"Forget tall dark handsome and human. D. L. Mains brings you the new tall, silver, feathered and alien. The Chosen One introduces us to Jesse Sullivan, the human co-commander of a rebellion group called "The Phoenix". Earth has been invaded by the Venturians, but rebel groups like "The Phoenix" have no intention of being taken quietly. Jesse is a no nonsense risk taker that believes she has about as much of a chance of falling in love as the Venturians have of making her surrender without a fight. Taken prisoner, Jesse discovers that she could be wrong when she meets the Crown Prince Davros. Davros has been in hiding since Gar, the alien leader, killed his father the king and attacked earth, but when Davros meets Jesse he begins to believe she might be The Chosen One of prophecy. However Davros isn't the only one wanting Jesse to fall for them. Can an Alliance between Davros' followers and the humans exist? Can Jesse make the right choice for her and keep her head on straight enough to command the rebellion?

Admittedly, The Chosen One, is not my normal choice of reading genres, but after digesting this book, I may have to rethink those genres. The Chosen One is an enjoyable Sci-fi thrill ride and love story wrapped all in one. With vividly described scenes and characters both as simple and as complex as they come, D. L. Mains' readers will be begging for more! Hot, Sexy, and Action Packed, The Chosen One rates a solid 5 stars!"

- Bryan Bales of Ringgold, GA

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