D.L. Mains
D.L. Mains, The Reverend's Revenge

The Reverend's Revenge

“Only together” can Jesse and Davros defeat all their enemies.” With the evil Gar dead, the Alliance must continue to fight those that think to take his place as Sovereign of the Earth.

But the petty battles to regain the planet seem insignificant to the danger coming from a mad Holyman bent on revenge on the Line of Manderlay.

It becomes a war against the higher powers of magic over mind. Even with the best Sarloc Masters in existence and the most dedicated Holymen available, the threat to the throne proves deadly.

When the Venturians find a new home to call their own, further perils face them. Are the inhabitants that welcome them to their world sincere or are they aiding yet another menace to the Venturian crown? Chances must be taken and deception employed to escape the consequences of The Reverend’s Revenge.

Conclusion of The Venturian Chronicles.

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