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D.L. Mains, The Chosen OneAbout D. L. Mains

Many people have asked me, a working mother with three children, ranging in age from 14 to 18, how I find the time to write. My answer is: "I can't help it."

I have been writing since I could dangle a participle and have been sharing many of my stories with a close group of friends. Discipline and commitment led to my first romance manuscript, The Crystal Rose, and the drive to make writing my career.

Currently, I am working on polishing and marketing my completed epic science fiction/fantasy trilogy of relationships revolving around war, treachery and betrayal. This trilogy includes: Bakka Keriose: The Chosen One, the first book of the series, the struggle for the recognition of true love.

Bak Lamiren Larsuvis: The Sovereign's Reign, the second book, and the fight against their evil adversary, Gar.

Bak Elstimaddas Meru: The Reverend's Revenge, the third, and the fight against higher powers of magic over mind. A mad Holyman's thirst for revenge that threatens to tear them apart.

D.L. Mains, The Chosen OneI also have a variety of other stories in various stages of completion: a contemporary Romance with the working title of It's a Wonderful Life, a vampire tale of romance, and a fantasy entitled Hunter's Legacy, as well as a sequel to my trilogy with the tentative title Brakus 4.

I have written the text for a promotional children's book for a prestigious day camp and school. This book, Crestfoot's First Day at Crestwood Country Day School, is in print and being distributed to the children of the school and any prospective students. It also spurred the directors of the camp to initiate my character as a long-term mascot.

The Yachtsman, a local club paper, has also featured several of my human interest articles.

I am involved with the Writer's on AOL. I host a Workshop for the group called the Genre Writer's Rack, which meets on Monday nights at 8:00 PM ET. In the workplace, I have been responsible for editing a monthly newsletter and a weekly bulletin as well as other publications.

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